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Sitting here listin to music

Oct. 3rd, 2004 | 08:31 am
mood: goodgood
music: Forgotten----Avril

Really Long Quiz.. 110!

Created by fabricatedlie and taken 199 times on bzoink!

-Le Basics-
NicknameAnarchy Boi or Baby Boi
BirthdateSeptember 16, 1977
LocationGridley Nor Cali (Hell) lol
Any Pets?Nope
Siblings?Yes, One sister Jennifer
Hobbies?Art, singing, writting poems
Food?McDonalds Frys
Drink?Bud light and Pepsi
Person?Cassidy...My Teddy Bear
Actor/Actress?not sure right now...lol
Movie?Tank Girl and SLC Punk
Band?No Doubt
Book?don't read books
Thing to do in free time?Talk to my Boi.... :)
TV show?don't watch much tv
Color?Red and blue
Body part?he he he wouldn't u like to know...lol
-Least Favorite...-
Drink?Green Tea
Person?Um...can't say
TV show?
Color?Yellow and orange
Do You Have...
A journal?Yes..two of them one on line and off line
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?Yes...My babe...Cassidy :) @{----;----
Stalker?I hope not damn
penis?Yuk not good....
Vagina?Oh yeah baby yeah...grrrrrrrrrrr
Pick one
Coke or Pepsi?Pepsi
Boy or girl?well Boi actualy...but girl I guess
Friend or Lover?Lover
Stop& Shop or Shaws?Stop and shop
Ben & Jerry's or Brighams?Ben and Jerry's
CVS or Walgreens?Walgreens
Hot or Cold?Cold cause u can cuddle up to a hottie and get warm :)
Simpsons or Family Guy?Simpsons
Emo or Metal?Metal
Day or Night?Night....the stars are out
Fate or Suicide?Fate
Reading or Writing?Writing
Listening or Talking?Listening....when it comes to my teddy I love to listen...sweet voice
Renting movies or going to see them?Depends...u can cuddle at home...but u can have a good night out with a loved one
Sleep or Insomnia?Insomnia...well if my babe was with me...don't want to miss a moment with hym
Last Thing You...
Laughed Atthis test
KissedUm well...a pic of my babe
Huggedmy teddy bear that smells like Cassidy
Talked toCassidy
Ateshit I haven't eaten today...ha ha
Heldmy laundry to put them in the washer
Heardmusic on my ma's DVD player
Readthe disturbed CD cover
Cried forCassidy...tears of joy cause she is coming to see me
Fought withmy ex
Have you ever...
Kissed?Yes and soon I will get to kiss my boi
Gotten drunk?Omg yes...
Fucked?yeah duh....
Been bungee jumping?No but I want to some day
Danced?Yes I love to dance...move ya body!
Went a week without sleep?no but when my boi gets here I think I could
Attempted suicide?Yes...stupid move I know
Cut?Yes...my wriste
Confessed your love?Yep
At 4 AM?yes...to my boi
Been In Love?Yes
Smoked?yep yep a smokin' fool
Bitten your hand until it turned purple?no
Died in your sleep?almost..scary shit man
have your dreams come true?yes...they are coming true now
Talk to yourself?omg yes all the time....
Cursed at yourself?yes...for stupid shit
Curse at your imaginary friends?um....
Gotten a tattoo?yep two of them...soon some more with my boi
Yell at your parents?yes
When's the last time you did something for the first time?not too long ago...bought a bus ticket for my boi...never done that for any one...happy I did
What's the most important thing to you right now?Cassidy
Would you rather give up your vision or your hearing?um thats a hard one...get back to ya later
What is the one thing you think of that always makes you smile?CAssidy...my boi
Describe your perfect boyfriend/girlfriendCassidy
Can you sleep with your eyes open?no
What would you do if you could spend a day with your favorite celebrity?rock out with Gwen...hard core man
What's something/someone you would die without?Cassidy
Do you let yesterday use too much of today?some times
Have you ever look at the mirror in anything but disgust?yes
Do you treat love as a noun or a verb?um
What's the prettiest thing you have ever come upon?Cassidy
If you had all the money in the world, how would you use it?TAke cassidy, my friends and family out for a nice vacation to where ever they wanted to go
What time is it now?1 in the pm....wish it were 10 in the am on Sunday though
Are you tired?Kind of
Do you feel like a mess?kind of
If you had 5 minutes to live, who would you call?Cassidy
And why are you waiting?Shes on a bus right now...coming to cali yeah!

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He he he.....

Sep. 30th, 2004 | 01:08 am
mood: giddygiddy
music: Avril-----FAll to pieces

Very Personal Sex Survey

Created by Mistress-Althena and taken 283 times on bzoink!

Are you a virgin?Um no
Strait, Bi, or Gay?Lesbian and damn proud
Your Age?27
[Do you like?]
Regular Sex?Making Love
Anal?maybe lol
Giving Oral?Omg yes
Recieving Oral?Yes
Masturbating?he he he
Being Watched?yes only if its my Teddy
Using Toys?some times....
[Do you?]
Watch or Read Porn?not really
Have any Fetishes?Yes bitin'/ nails down my back
Think size matters in Breasts?no
Think size matters in Cock?yuk
Have sex often?not right now...
[Are you]
With one partner?Yep...I love my Boi
[if yes] in love with this person?Yep yep yep
Happy with your sex life?Yes
[What is]
Your Favorite possition?all lol
Your craziest experience?too long to say on here
The craziest thing you have done while masturbating?get caught
Favorite type of Porn?don't have one
What are your fetish's?Um...can't say...he he he
Do you think this survey was okay?I guess so

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I'm an angel......

Sep. 19th, 2004 | 06:13 pm
mood: lazylazy
music: Facing Hell---Ozzy Osbourne

ex angel
You're like an angel. As everyone knows, angels
dwell in heaven. They were desribed as shining
ones wearing white and the idea that they have
wings is believed as well. Guardian angels are
the ones that many people think are dead loved
ones who try to protect the living friends or
family they have on Earth. They usually had
blonde hair and maybe brown with flawless
appearance and sweet dispositions. They were
cheerful, hopefull, selfless, loving, and kind.
Angels are the one mystical creature that a
majority of people truly believe in. Encounters
with angels are poping up all over the world
and reassuring people's beliefs in angels. (If
you cannot see the picture, go to my userpage
and look near the bottom. There should be the
picture and description for all the results)

What Mystical Creature Are You? (Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

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I'm chocolate....

Sep. 18th, 2004 | 11:14 pm
mood: amusedamused
music: Bound-Disturbed

My angst tastes like...
Find your angst's flavor

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Just had to try it...he he he

Sep. 18th, 2004 | 11:02 pm
mood: exhaustedStill sick..this shit sucks!
music: Rise-Disturbed

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

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Love Song

Sep. 6th, 2004 | 07:47 pm
mood: draineddrained
music: Love Song-Pink

Love Song

I've never written a love song
That didn't end in tears
Maybe you'll rewrite my love song
If you can replace my fears
I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin' and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able to weather the storm?
There's so much I would give ya, baby
If I'd only let myself
There's this well of emotions
I feel I must protect
But what's the point of this armor
If it keep the love away, too?
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars
Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?
I need to hear that you'd die for me
Again and again and again
So tell me when you look in my eyes
Can you share all the pain and the happy times
Cause I will love you for the rest of my life
This is my very first love
That didn't end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I will love you for the rest of my life

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