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Anarchy Boi

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16 September 1977
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Well I no longer live in California. I moved to Springfield IL about two months ago to be with my wife/bestfriend/lover. Not going to say it will last forever, but I do hope this will last as long as I am around this crazy place we call earth. I am happy as I can be right now and wish this happyness only to continue for the rest of my life. I couldn't of asked for a better girlfriend than my Shannon, she is every thing I have ever hoped for in a person, inside as well as outside. Life has been awsome,but there are still some things I wish, we wish to achieve, but in the mean time we are having a blast together. I have been writting kids books again and putting my own illistations in, also been writing poems again. I made a book of poems for my wife before I moved out here, she loved it so much she cried....I have never had some one so moved by my work to cry..it made my heart melt. Well life is life, I am me and thats all I need to be.